Delicious truffles from Piedmont

In autumn, when the autumn mists rise between the vineyards and the winegrowers have finished their harvest with satisfaction, the time of the famous white truffle in Piedmont begins. Of course, the world’s best truffle, the Tuber Magnatum Pico, is found here, as locals and gourmets agree. The season of enjoyment begins in October and ends in January, always depending on whether, if it has rained in summer, because the truffle can only grow if the soil has the right moisture. The temperature also plays an important role, because the truffle likes it cold, at least at night.

But even in summer you don’t have to do without truffles, there is the black summer truffle, which is also aromatic and far less expensive than the noble white truffle.

The prices are always daily prices, we will tell you the price on request.

The truffles are delivered directly by overnight courier, because the truffles are best fresh and are also eaten fresh. Of course together with our favourite recipes recipes and tips for consumption and storage.

If you are here in Piedmont, we will organise a real truffle hunt with one of our Trifulau and his dog. It is a unique experience the interaction between dog and man and to hold the fresh truffles, still covered with the clayey soil, in your hand and immerse yourself in the beguiling scent. Afterwards we recommend a truffle cooking class, so you can eat the fresh truffles yourself.

And if you cannot come to Piedmont to have the truffle cooking class with us – No problem. We also offer the online cooking class. You will make Tajarin pasta, which is perfect for truffles, or an egg souffle.


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